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Insteon Home Automation

Developed by SmartLabs, Insteon uses both RF and power line signals to transmit home automation commands. The RF signals allow Insteon signals to travel wirelessly. The power line signals allow usage of an existing house’s electrical wiring, and for backwards compatibility to the X10 protocol.

Unlike most home automation protocols, Insteon does not require a master controller or software to control command routing. Instead, all Insteon devices are peers and can repeat, transmit or receive Insteon messages. Adding a device to an Insteon network simply requires linking it to another Insteon device already on the network. The “linking” is usually done by holding a button on each Insteon device for approximetly10 seconds.

The only company to make Insteon products is SmartLabs since they designed and developed the protocol. The single company approach is always a risk since any company can one day go bankrupt. Also, the single company approach reduces the amount of competing Insteon products on the market.

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