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Zigbee Home Automation

As a competing wireless standard to Z-Wave, Zigbee also uses mesh networking to communicate between devices. Zigbee is a low power communication protocol run under the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. The Zigbee protocol is open, and Zigbee products are certified by the Zigbee Aliance. Zigbee signals are carried at the 2.4GHz frequency rage, and can travel up to 300 feet.

Zigbee is designed for home automation, but it also designed for other fields such as industrial control, energy management, and personal health care. The multiple fields caused Zigbee to not be interoperable between different companies. For example, Control4 and AMX both use Zigbee for their home automation signals, but an AMX Zigbee light switch will not work on a Control4 Zigbee network.

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