Home Theater Network


A receiver is an important part of a home theater network since it can distribute audio and video throughout a house. AutoHTN’s receiver section is used to control audio and video inputs to a specific zone. An example where controlling a receiver's zone could be useful is when a person wants to finish watching a blu-ray movie in bed. Using AutoHTN, he or she can switch the blu-ray player input to the bedroom zone. Another example where AutoHTN’s receiver commands can be useful is if someone wants to switch Sirius XM radio on to the back porch speakers.

AutoHTN Receiver Screen AutoHTN Boxee Receiver Settings Screen AutoHTN divBoxee Denon Settings Screen

AutoHTN directly sends signals to the receiver over the home Wi-Fi network. If Wi-Fi is not on, a dialog box will pop-up asking to activate Wi-Fi. AutoHTN currently only supports web enabled Denon receivers. Yamaha web controllable receivers support is coming soon.

AutoHTN's configuration of a receiver is done by going to the menu then "Configure", and lastly "Receivers". The specific receiver model is picked here, along with the URL and port number of the receiver. Also, the names of the particular zone are entered in the Zone 1-3 inputs. The names of the Zones can automatically be received from the receiver with the “Get Names” button. Pressing the “Input  Names” button will allow you to configure the receiver’s input names. The “Get Names” button will automatically get the input names from the receiver.

Some of the currently supported receivers are:

Denon AVR-3310CI Receiver
Denon AVR-4310CI Receiver
Denon AVR-4810CI Receiver

See the following links for details on how AutoHTN will work with your home theater network: