Home Theater Network


Boxee and XBMC are popular media center programs for the HTPC. Both Boxee and XBMC can organize and play music and videos. They can also display pictures and view online videos. The user interface is much easier to use than the standard Windows folder structure. Boxee or XBMC can be downloaded at the respective links.

AutoHTN can be used as a basic remote for Boxee and XBMC. Navigation is done through gestures and buttons are available for full screen, home, select, back, now playing, mute, next, previous, play and stop. Controlling Boxee or XBMC through AutoHTN can be useful if you’re listening to music in another zone such as the back porch, and you want to change the song.

AutoHTN directly sends signals to Boxee or XBMC over the home Wi-Fi network. If Wi-Fi is not on, a dialog box will pop-up asking to activate Wi-Fi. AutoHTN's configuration of Boxee or XBMC is done by going to the menu then "Configure" and lastly "Boxee/XMBC." The settings page will ask for the IP address of the computer with Boxee or XMBC along with the port number, username, and password.

AutoHTN Boxee XBMC Screen AutoHTN Boxee XBMC Settings Screen

For settings changes on Boxee, go to Boxee’s settings, then “network” and finally the “servers” tab. Make sure the “Enable webserver” option is checked and make note of the web server port. The default port number is 8080. XBMC is very similar with network settings adjusted by going to the system menu then network, and finally the “Service” tab. Make sure the “Allow control of XBMC via HTTP” is checked and the port number is the same as the settings in AutoHTN.

Boxee Network Settings


See the following links for details on how AutoHTN will work with your home theater network: