Home Theater Network


AutoHTN Lights Screen

Pressing the “Lights” button on the main menu will take the user to the Lights screen showing nine light buttons. Each button is used to turn an individual light on or off. Pressing an inactive button will not send any command signals to the home theater network. The “All On” and “All Off” buttons will do what their respective name says. The “Check Light Status” button is useful if someone in the house manually turns on/off a light or if the user has another home automation remote.


GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Dimmer Switch
Leviton Z-Wave Vizia RF + 600W Incandescent Scene Capable Dimmer
Leviton Vizia RF 300W Scene Capable Plug-In Lamp Dimming Module
Wayne-Dalton Z-Wave Lamp Module

See the following links for details on how AutoHTN will work with your home theater network: