Home Theater Network

AutoHTN Setup

AutoHTN Lights Screen

If your Vera is set up correctly and you’re located near your home network, then simply turn your phone’s Wi-Fi on and AutoHTN will set everything up automatically. AutoHTN will automatically find Vera on your home network and download all your lights, sensors, outlets, scenes and window blinds device information to your phone. You’ll then be free to control your automated devices.

To set up AutoHTN for use away from home, press the menu button in AutoHTN and go to “Vera Settings.” Change the local or remote access setting to either findvera.com or mios.com depending on which version of Vera you have. There are two versions of Vera. The first one comes with a Z-Wave dongle and uses findvera.com to communicate over the internet. The newer version does not include a Z-Wave dongle, and instead you move the Vera controller around to add devices. The newer version of Vera uses cp.mios.com to communicate over the internet.

Once you have selected which site to use for access, simply enter your username and password and press the save button. Now you’ll have control of your home theater network from anywhere your phone has internet access.

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Panasonic Network Camera and Pet Cam (BLC1A)
HomePro Z-Wave RF Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor
Schlage Trane Z-Wave Enabled Remote Energy Management Thermostat TZEMT400AB32MAA

See the following links for details on how AutoHTN will work with your home theater network: