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AutoHTN Home Screen

Itís 2012 – shouldn't our homes be automated already? We at Home Theater Network aim to increase the number of automated homes through our AutoHTN app. The goal of AutoHTN is for users to control a home theater network including automated lighting, security sensors, cameras, electrical outlets, thermostats, media boxes, window blinds, receivers, and more.

AutoHTN and Vera

AutoHTN works with Mi Casa Verdeís Vera controller. Setup with Vera is easy by using YouTube videos which walk you through every step. Vera works with multiple home automation devices including Z-Wave, Insteon, and X10. Light switches, security sensors, and other devices using these protocols are inexpensive and can be found from multiple manufactures. Additionally, Vera provides free, secure access over the internet with every Vera controller. The secure access gives every Vera user the ability to control their home theater network anywhere with AutoHTN.

Typically, all of these features in a home automation controller typically cost thousands of dollars and need a professional installer. Vera is installed by the user and can be found for under $300.

Home Automation for Us

Before smartphones, home automation in a typical three bedroom house or apartment wasnít worth the money. Why install a home automated lighting system when you can get up and hit the switch? Smartphones, along with AutoHTN, changes everything by letting users control their home away from home. Here are a few examples of what AutoHTN can do for users:

  1. Use the motion detector alert to notify them when their kids get home from school. A user can also switch to the house web cam to see them.
  2. Turn on the front porch light if they’re coming home late and forgot to turn it on earlier.
  3. Save on energy costs by keeping the AC at a higher temperature when at work, and lowering the AC temperature before the commute home.
  4. Use the web cams to make sure the pets are safe and behaving themselves.
  5. Use voice commands to easily issue home automation commands.
  6. Turn on lights while on vacation. They can also use the house's web cams to make sure the house is safe.
  7. Issue the lights “All On” command to turn on all the lights in a house before the user arrives home.
  8. Use the motion sensor indicator to alert them of a burglary in their home. Users can use webcams to see the intruder and scare them away by flashing lights or blasting ear-throbbing music by turning the receiver on.
  9. Use the automated outlets to power fans, coffee makers, or other appliances.
  10. Control Boxee or XBMC on a media box. Useful if listening to music in another zone such as the back porch, and the user wants to change the song without getting up.
  11. Use the "All Off" button to easily turn all the lights off before going to bed.
Leviton Vizia RF 300W Scene Capable Plug-In Lamp Dimming Module
Panasonic Network Camera and Pet Cam (BLC1A)
HomePro Z-Wave RF Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor
Schlage Trane Z-Wave Enabled Remote Energy Management Thermostat TZEMT400AB32MAA

AutoHTNís Home Screen

AutoHTNís home screen shows a touch button for lights, sensors, scenes, switched power, thermostat, Boxee/XBMC, window blinds, and receivers. Each touch button will take a person to the screen of the respective function. For example, pressing the Lights button on the home screen goes to a page showing nine light buttons. The ďALL ONĒ and ďALL OFFĒ buttons on the home screen are for lights only.

See the following links for details on how AutoHTN will work with your home theater network: