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Video iPod / Portable Video Players
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VOIP Home Theater Network Block Diagram

Sony PSP (Play Station Portable)

  • 4.3 inch diagonal LCD
  • 480 x 272 pixels resolution
  • Wi-Fi capable (802.11b)
  • Internet browser included to surf the Net.
  • Memory Stick Pro Duo slot – used for storage space
  • UMD disc drive plays PSP games and PSP movies
  • USB 2.0 (mini-B) port
  • Inferred port
  • Plays MPEG-4 video off of memory stick
  • Plays MP3 audio off of memory stick
  • Displays JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP photos
  • Battery life:
    • video: 5 hours
    • game play: 6 hours
  • No video / audio NTSC output
  • Works with Windows and Mac

For more information, see the PSP game section


PDA Phones

PDA Phones

With the right mobile operating system, a PDA can do anything a personal video player can do and more. A PDA can be a MP3 player, portable video player, organizer, portable game system, phone, internet browser, and more. The downside is that PDAs come with a very small amount of on–board memory. A memory card will have to be purchased to store all your music, videos, and data. For more information, see Home Theater Network’s PDA Phone section for some examples and features.

Portable Video Player’s Tips

  1. Get used to converting files types when using portable video players. Plenty of free software is available on the internet. Music (.ACC files) and movies (.MOV files) bought from iTunes are meant for the iPod. The files are probably going to have to be converted in order to play them on other portable video players.
  2. Video files from iTunes are in standard definition format. The lower picture quality will show if you connect your portable video player to a HDTV.
  3. Tivo 2 Go feature supports the transfer of video files from the Tivo to iPods, PSPs, and Zens.
  4. PDAs and PSPs don’t have the built–in storage space as portable video players do. Separate memory cards will have to be purchased. The storage space problem can be solved by streaming your data wirelessly through software like Orb.
  5. Consider a PDA Phone as an alternate if you don’t mind missing the built–in storage space and slick user interface of the Video iPod and other portable video players.