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Data Connections

Data Rate Comparison

Maximum Data Rate
USB 1.1 12 Mb/s
USB 2.0 480 Mb/s
Firewire (1394a) 400 Mb/s
Firewire (1394b) 800 Mb/s
10BASE5 Ethernet 10 Mb/s
10BASE-T Ethernet 10 Mb/s
100BASE-T Ethernet 100 Mb/s
1000BASE-T Ethernet 1000 Mb/s
RJ-11 telephone 56 kb/s without DSL
Parrallel 150 kb/s
Serial 115 kb/s

Data Interconnect Tips

  1. When wiring your house with Ethernet cables, make sure to use Cat 5e or Cat 6 to future-proof your wiring for the gigabit interface.
  2. The parallel, serial, and PS/2 interconnects are considered to be legacy connectors. USB and Firewire have slowly been replacing them.
  3. Look for motherboards with USB 2.0 sockets to take advantage of the faster speed.
  4. See the cables section for more information on, you guessed it, cables.

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