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Data Connections


Parallel Parallel Input

The parallel port interconnect is considered a legacy port since it is being replaced by the USB / Firewire interconnect. Parallel port interconnects were commonly used by printers. Maximum data rate is 50 to 150 kb/s.

Serial (RS-232)

Serial (RS-232) Serial (RS-232) Input

Like the parallel port, the serial RS-232 interconnect is being replaced by USB and Firewire. The RS-232 limits the data rate to maximum of 20 kb/s, but some PCs allow rates of up to 115 kb/s.


PS/2PS/2 Input
The PS/2 interconnect is used to connect keyboards and mouse interfaces. Like parallel and serial ports, the PS/2 interconnect is slowly being replaced with USB and Firewire.



BNC is a versatile interconnect that can be used to carry video, audio, and data signals. Data cables using BNC interconnects are found mostly in professional data acquisition hardware. A BNC interconnect is almost always found using a coax cable, which means it can only pass a single channel. The signal can be digital or analog.

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