Home Theater Network
Audio Connections

Audio Interconnect Tips

  1. When comparing optical to coaxial, keep in mind that both propagate audio signals digitally. It’s all ones and zeros, so a small amount of EMI noise will not interfere with the sound quality. The best advice is use what’s less expensive.
  2. An interconnect using S/PDIF is digital; therefore, do not connect it to a RCA analog interconnect.
  3. RCA interconnects can vary in size and shape. Double check to make sure you have the correct one.
  4. Coaxial cables are typically more durable than optical cables
  5. For optimal performance, use digital interconnects over analog.
  6. Some Home Theater Network gear do not output digital signals and analog signals at the same time.
  7. Try finding speakers with 5–way binding posts instead of spring clip terminals.
  8. You need Dolby or DTS licensed receivers in order to play Dolby or DTS media.
  9. DTS carries approximately 3 times more audio data than Dolby.
  10. See the cables section for more information on, you guessed it, cables.

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