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Speaker Interconnects

All the interconnects mentioned on the previous pages are used to connect Home Theater Network equipment to a receiver, amplifier, or stereo. The next step is to connect the speakers together. The signals going to your speakers will be analog, and consist of a positive and negative signal. Depending on your speakers, the interconnect can vary from bare wire to banana plugs.

5-Way Binding Post
5-Way Binding Post
Spring-Clip Terminal
Spring-Clip Terminal

Lower priced Home Theater Network gear typically includes spring–clip terminals, which are used to connect bare wires to your speakers. Most medium to high range Home Theater Network gear will have 5–way binding posts used to connect speaker cables. The 5–way binding post is a versatile interconnect that allows connections of up to five different types of speaker interconnects. Below is a list of speaker interconnects that can attach to a 5–way binding post, with banana plugs being the highest quality, and bare wire being the lowest quality.

Banana Plugs
Banana Plugs Banana Plugs have a flexible metal collar that is slightly larger than the binding post’s input hole. This allows for a rigid connection that will stay in place.

Dual Banana Plugs
Dual Banana Plugs Dual Banana Plugs are the same as the banana plug mentioned above except for having a second interconnect. One for the positive signal, and the other for the negative signal.

Pin Connectors
Pin Connectors Pin Connectors are ideal for thick gauged wire. They can be connected to spring clip terminals or 5-way binding posts.

Spade Connectors
Spade Spade Connectors are a horse-shoe shaped interconnect that requires tightening of the 5-way binding post for a secure connection.

Bare Wire
Bare Wire This is a simple bare wire with the insulation stripped off at the ends. This is also a low quality interconnect that is susceptible to EMI noise, corrosion, and loose connections.

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