Home Theater Network
Audio Connections


Audio interconnects and sound quality are often overlooked, with more emphasis being placed on video Connections and video quality. Focusing on video quality is a mistake with audio providing an important dimension to the Home Theater Network experience. Surround sound can make movies feel life-like, with sounds buzzing from left to right. The type of audio interconnecst and audio signals you use will affect the sound experience of your Home Theater Network. When possible, always use digital audio interconnects (digital coaxial, optical, HDMI, i.Link) over analog.

Audio Signals

There are many types of audio signals that get transmitted through cables. Audio signals vary from digital to analog. Dolby, DTS, and S/PDIF are popular ways of encoding analog sound into digital. Digital audio signals are typically transmitted through RCA, optical, HDMI, and i.Link interconnects, while analog audio signals are typically transmitted through RCA and speaker interconnects. Below is a list of common audio signals.

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