Home Theater Network
Networked Appliances
Networked Appliances

Why Have Networked Appliances?

Washing Machines / Dryers
LG WM-16100FD
Air Conditioner / Thermostat
Proliphix NT20e Internet Thermostat
Bread Makers
Beyond Smart Bread Maker
Coffee Makers
Beyond Smart Coffee Maker

Networked Appliances Tips

  1. Most of the networked appliance will have built-in self-monitoring capabilities. Therefore, they could automatically notify a repair company if a problem arises.
  2. Look for companies that use common networking standards such as 802.11b, Bluetooth, and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). This will assure that appliances from different companies will all network together.
  3. A networked refrigerator will probably prove to be the most useful out of all the networked appliances. The increased use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips will let refrigerators know what food items are stored inside.
  4. Make sure your router or other internet gateway is secure. You wouldn’t want anybody hacking in and turning on your microwave or checking the contents of your refrigerator. See the security section for more information on securing your Home Theater Network.
  5. Sorry … no networked toasters yet!

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