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  1. VOIP is still an emerging technology that can save you a large amount of money. It has become significantly more reliable lately. That being said, don’t expect it to be as reliable as, …lets say a 100 year old telephone network.
  2. IP based phones use the RJ45 interconnect while traditional phones use the RJ11 interconnect. The two are incompatible. Don’t be confused with the ability of the RJ11 interconnect to plug into a RJ45 interconnect.
  3. Look for the E911 feature. This is VOIP’s version of the traditional 911 emergency service.
  4. Most broadband internet providers provide less uplink bandwidth than downlink bandwidth. This could cause transmission problems for VOIP services when using the Internet at the same time.
  5. Using your phone lines in the walls for VOIP is possible. However, make sure that the phone line coming into your house is electrically disconnected or it can damage your VOIP hardware. Contact your VOIP provider for more information.
  6. Wi-Fi phones can be used at any Wi-Fi hot spot. This could be your local Starbucks or an office in another country.
  7. Use “Skype for Pocket PC” on your PDA phone. You may be asking why? …well:
    • Free calls to other Skype members using Wi–Fi or any unlimited EV-DO data plan. Save your minutes.
    • Cheap international calls.
    • Don’t have to buy any hardware.
    • No cell phone service available, but have Wi–Fi.
  8. Lack of open standards are causing customer confusion. For example, a Microsoft phone can't make free calls to a Skype phone.
  9. SkypeIn can be a great way to set up an international phone number that you can still receive in your home country. For example, if you have a large amount of relatives living in Italy , you can set up a SkypeIn Italian phone number for them to call. You can then receive those phone calls in your home country using Skype. This could save you and your relatives a ton of money.
  10. Will WiMAX and VOIP equipped PDA phones make cell phones obsolete? Time will tell.
  11. Skype is offering free SkypeIn and SkypeOut calls till the end of 2006. This includes calls to cellular phones and traditional landlines within the US .

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