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VOIP Hardware Incompatibility

There are some negatives for VOIP service. Lack of standards have caused incompatibilities between different VOIP carriers. For example, the only way for a Skype phone to call a Vonage phone is by using the SkypeOut service. There’s also been a host of VOIP phone hardware released recently, and all of them are service-specific devices. This means a phone bought for Skype will not work with Vonage or any other VOIP service. This problem will escalate even more with Wi-Fi phones gaining in popularity.

VOIP Connection Diagram

VOIP Connection Diagram

Alarms, Faxes, and Tivos


Check with your home security company to see if they support VOIP. There’s a good chance they don’t. Beware that VOIP requires electricity. Therefore, if the electricity goes out, your alarm will go out. It might be best to use your home security company’s wireless or cellular system instead if you are disconnecting your traditional phone service.


Most VOIP providers do not support faxes. Check your VOIP provider for more information.


Tivo and most VOIP services will work fine with the daily calls. However, this is not the case for the initial guided setup, which Tivo requires a land based telephone to establish. See the Tivo Community Forum for more information on how to get around this problem with your specific Tivo model.

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