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Vonage is currently the leading provider for VOIP users who want to talk on regular traditional phones. Motorola and Linksys have teamed up with Vonage to provide routers with VOIP capabilities. A Vonage user would simply connect a VOIP router between a cable/DSL modem and a traditional phone. Vonage also provides 4-port wireless VOIP routers. If you would like to keep your current wireless router, you can always connect Vonage’s VOIP router to your normal router. Below are some examples on how to connect Vonage VOIP hardware.

VOIP Phone Adaptor
VOIP Phone Adaptor
VOIP Phone Adaptor with Router
VOIP Phone Adaptor with Router



Other Phone Adaptor Based VOIP Providers

All these VOIP providers have services that are similar to Vonage. These VOIP providers allow connection of traditional phones via phone adaptors and routers. Hardware for each VOIP provider is service specific and can not be interchanged. Also, rates, features, and quality vary greatly between the providers in the above list so do some research before choosing. Make sure the company has a reputation for high quality calls, and features such as E911, choice of phone number, voicemail, PC software, and Wi–Fi phone availability

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