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Slingbox / Place-Shifting Devices
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Slingbox Connection Diagram


Orb is a free file and video streaming service that is software based. Orb works by users downloading a server based software application onto a host PC (Windows XP or Media Center only). This server application subsequently links your PC with the MyOrb Web-based portal, and lets you stream music, data, photos, and videos over the Internet to any Web-enabled device. Therefore, your PocketPC enabled PDA phone can always be connected with the files on your Home Theater Network. This is a perfect application for a HTPC with a TV tuner card since ORB also lets you stream live TV. Of course, a fast broadband connection is a must if you don’t want dropped frames and static video.



TivoToGo does not stream live video like Slingbox, LocationFree TV, and Orb do. However, it does let you transfer recorded shows from your Tivo to a PC, PSP, Creative Zen, or Video iPod. Tivo works by installing a program called “Tivo Desktop” onto your PC. This program lists all the recorded shows that are on the Tivo, and lets you download them to your computer. Keep in mind that this could take hours, depending on the length and quality of video. Once the video is downloaded, you can use Window’s Media Player 10 to watch the video, or to convert them for use on PSPs, iPods, and even PocketPC enabled PDA phones. Currently, only Series-2 Tivos supports the TivoToGo feature.

Slingbox / Place–Shifting Tips

  1. Steaming video is a great application for the constant traveler. Place–shifting devices let you watch local news, shows saved on your DVR, and local sports games all while on the road.
  2. Rumor has it that Microsoft is working on video streaming services, and that it will be released with Vista .
  3. Firewall issues can cause headaches getting your place–shifting devices to work.
  4. Remember that controlling your TV through the internet will also affect anyone at home trying to watch that TV.
  5. Expect at least a one–second delay when sending commands to a place–shifting device.
  6. No HDTV place–shifting device exist today.
  7. Check your place–shifting device’s manual for detailed instructions on how to connect it to your Home Theater Network.

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