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DirecTV HD Tivo and SA 8300HD

What to Look For In a STB

Cable boxes or satellite boxes are commonly known as a Set Top Box (STB). The quality of your cable/satellite box will vary greatly depending on what kind of box your cable or satellite company offers.

Some attributes to look for in a STB are:

Example Cable STB

SA 8300HD

Scientific Atlanta 8300HD has the following attributes:

Example Satellite STB

DISHPlayer-DVR 942

Dish Player’s DVR 942 has the following attributes:

Cable / Satellite Box Tips

  1. A STB with a built in DVR saves you from having to connect two boxes.
  2. Satellite has lower video quality than cable. However, this can all change when satellite converts to MPEG–4 compression next year.
  3. Some satellite STBs require telephone lines to set up the DVR or to order PayPerView shows. Make sure you don’t need a land phone line if you only have a cell phone.
  4. The HD channels provided by cable/satellite broadcasters are located on different channels then their regular SD counterparts. For example, NBC’s HD broadcast can be located on channel 508 while the regular SD broadcast is located on channel 8.
  5. Check your local cable/satellite provider for how many HD channels they provide. You need HD content to get the full affect of a HDTV.

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