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Apex MI-100 Chassis Antec Fusion Black 430 Zalman HD160XT-S Silver Home Theater PC


  1. If there are any overscan issues, try changing the video card’s control settings. If that doesn't work, a program called Powerstrip should fix the problem. Make sure to read all the warnings before using Powerstrip since some settings may damage the HDTV
  2. Make sure to update the video driver on the HTPC to get optimal performance.
  3. Check the security section for how-to secure a HTPC information.
  4. Get rid of needless startup programs to increase the performance of a HTPC.
  5. Realize that today’s technology is still limited in doing everything listed in the “What to look for in an HTPC” section at once. DVD upscaling (depending on the ffdshow settings) could use up most of the systems resources.
  6. Most cable companies encrypt their video signals with QAM encryption. Recording regular high definition channels like NBC is still possible, but recording high definition channels such as ESPNHD or TNTHD is not supported due to the QAM encryption. Regular standard definition analog channels also won’t have problems being recorded.
  7. Ffdshow runs through its filters in-order from top to bottom.
  8. It is recommended to spend the few extra dollars a month and use the cable or satellite company’s DVR. They are simply more reliable and user–friendly. Use the HTPC DVR more like a VCR as in a permanent way to save videos, or as a way to stream videos to your other computers.
  9. A bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse tend to be more reliable than the RF (radio frequency) versions. Bluetooth has a range of up to 30 feet.

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