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Samsung LN-46C630 46" LCD TV


SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) works similarly to CRT TVs, but without the tube. Each pixel in a SED HDTV is controlled by its own red, green, and blue electron emitter. This is in contrast to a tube based TVs use of a single red, green, and blue electron gun that scans the entire TV image. Each SED electron emitter is located millimeters from its own phosphorus coated pixel. The electrons from the emitters collide with the phosphorus coated screen to produce light. This is similar to how a CRT TV works, except SED technology does not require a tube for electronic beam deflection. Without the tube, SED HDTVs can be designed as a flat panel display.


Production Update

SED had high promise but patent lawsuits has derailed its production for the last 3 years. Originally, Canon and Toshiba were working together with a planned release in 2007. A patent lawsuit by Applied Nanotech forced Canon to buy out the Toshiba partnership and an appeals judge finally settled the lawsuit in December of 2008. Canon plans to continue working on SED, but no models will be avaiable till 2010 at the earliest.

Speculated Upside

Speculated Downside

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