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Weve all seen them in Sci-Fi movies: newspapers being read on paper-thin TVs, mini-TVs in peoples clothing, TVs that curve around power poles. If these Sci-Fi visions are going to come true, then it will be accomplished by OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology.

OLED works by having a positive (anode) layer and a negative (cathode) layer sandwiched between a light producing organic material. When electricity is applied between the cathode and anode, a small controlled current travels through the organic material. The current causes electrons to move from the organic material. These displaced electrons are replaced by “holes” (the opposite of an electron), with light being produced in this process. What color the light is depends on the type of organic material used.


Production Update

Sony has a 11" model out called the XEL-1 but it has discontinued production. However, other manufactures are still working on OLED HDTVs. Full scale production won't likey happen till after 2012.



Samsung LN-46C630 46" LCD TV Sony BRAVIA KDL-46EX710 46" LCD TV Mitsubishi WD-73638 73" 3D DLP Projection TV Vizio E550VL 55" LCD TV
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