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Samsung LN-46C630 46" LCD TV


LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is one of the newest microdisplay technologies with JVC’s HD-ILA and Sony’s SXRD being proprietary versions of LCoS technology. HD-ILA stands for HD Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier and SXRD stands for Silicon X-tal Reflective Display.

LCoS is a hybrid of LCD and reflective technologies. LCoS uses liquid crystals like LCD technology does, but they are reflective instead of transmissive.

LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon)

The illustration above shows light coming in from a projection lamp and then being filtered into red, green, and blue colors. There is a LCoS chip for each of the ideal colors. The 3 chips produce the high resolution picture image for each color, which is then reflected and combined into a single colored image. This final image goes through the projection lens and onto the screen.

Since LCoS is a reflection technology, higher contrast-ratio images are produced. Another benefit of LCoS technology is that all the controlling microelectronics for each pixel is located beneath the liquid crystals. This is in contrast to LCDs, which have the electronics to the side of the liquid crystals. The benefit of having the microelectronics below is that it significantly increases the fill factor and helps stop the “Screen Door Effect” problem.

Production Update

Sony has stopped producing SXRD HDTVs and JVC has stopped producing HD-ILA TVs. Low profit margins were to blame.



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