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LaserVue is a rear projection HDTV technology based on lasers. Developed by Mitsubishi, LaserVue is similar to DLP in the way it uses mirrors to direct light to a screen. The picture below shows how a red, green, and blue lasers go through a variant of lenses and mirrors before an image is projected onto the screen. The main differences between DLP and LaserVue is the source of the light. DLP uses light bulbs or LEDs to provide light and a color wheel to manipulate the color projected onto a screen. In contrast, LaserVue uses red, green, and blue lasers so no color wheel is needed. The lasers then get directed by a Digital Micromirror Device(DMD) onto the screen.

One of the benefits of using lasers over light bulbs or LEDs is the increased color spectrum. Lasers can produce approximately 80% of the color spectrum viewable by human eyes. In contrast, light bulbs can only produce 40% of viewable colors.

LaserVue's Internal Working
Source: Lasertvnews.com

Production Update

Mitsubishi is the only manufacture of LaserVue TVs and is currently selling a 65" model and 72" models.



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