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Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

DVR Examples

DVR Introduction

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) have been replacing VCRs for the past few years now, making tapes obsolete. DVRs allow you to record multiple shows, watch your shows on your time, and pause/rewind live TV. There are many different kinds of DVRs and many different manufactures. This DVR section lists some examples and what they can do.


TiVo was the leading innovator of DVR technology and is one of the first to introduce DVR hardware to consumers. They did such a great job marketing, that their name became a verb. It is common to hear, “Did you TiVo that recording yesterday,” even if the person is not using a TiVo DVR. Their two most popular models are the DirecTV HD TiVo and the Series2 model. The DirecTV HD TiVo is high definition capable while the Series2 model is limited to standard definition. Tivo plans to release a Series3 model sometime in 2006, which will bring HD capable TiVos to non–satellite users. Also, Comcast and TiVo have announced a deal to offer TiVo software for Comcast’s HD DVRs.

TiVo Series3

TiVo Series3

DirecTV HD TiVo

DirecTV HD TiVo DirecTV HD TiVo back panel

TiVo Series2

TiVo Series2 TiVo Series2 back panel

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